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Welcome to Changati foods

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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of various food items in kerala and southern part of India.
Changati  brings you the most innovative as well as traditional food products with superior quality and real taste of valluvanadu.


Our Vision
To reach a position where, every Indian consumes at least one product of changati every day and to make changati a part of their routine life. 

Changati exclusive products

“Superior quality with real taste of valluvanad”

Nirupam foods private limited, an active and growth oriented company involved in the manufacturing and supply of various food items with uncompromising commitment to quality.

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⦁    Changati Instant pickle mix

Prepare the delicious pickle of your choice in 2 steps.
Pickle mix has a semi-gravy composition to which you just have to add the sliced pieces of your favorite pickle (eg:mango, lemon, carrot etc..) to get the delicious pickle ready to be served in just 5 minutes. Enjoy different taste everyday with changati instant pickle mix.

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⦁    Changati 3 in 1 masala.

Now enjoy 3 varieties in just 1 packet. Chanagti brings to you the unique composition of masala which can be used for veg, Chicken and meat dishes.
 We have added ingredients in a special proportion which gives a special taste to the dishes without disturbing its natural taste. 3 in 1 masala highlights the prominent taste of each dish as natural as it gets.


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⦁    Palakkadan Matta Puttu podi

 Changati is thankful to all its satisfied customers for the overwhelming response that we are receiving ever since this flagship product hits the market. We are committed to be more responsible for this love and support. We use pure matta rice and it takes several quality control treatments before getting packed from our factory. Just use it once; you will make it a habit. It’s not just our confidence, it’s our experience

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⦁    Jackfruit mixed Puttupodi


Innovative product from Changati. Blend of taste with nutrition.  80% rice powder mixed with 20% jack fruit powder brings you the taste of real puttu but with all the essence and nutrition supplements from jack fruit.  Dried jack fruit powder contains all the vitamins and nutritional supplements as real jack fruit. The combination of rice and jack fruit keeps you healthy all the time.